Gascon Lagaffe : Movie Hints A film by Pierre-François Martin-Laval

Gascon Lagaffe for the first time ever will be seen in a real movie and that is good news for every Gascon Lagaffe fans. Since in the past this popular comic can only be seen in a moving cartoon on your television. However today we get to see the real people acting as they are giving life to the Gascon Lagaffe.

The movie shows as usual that this character has many talents and skills and he was working on the office. Some may trust him; nonetheless his laidback character has given us insights of what is going to happen in the office. Now for his looks, it seems they copied what is his daily dress and they way he acts together with his officemate.

Gascon Lagaffe idea of living is like he is having no worries at all, on the other hand if you have no idea of what she is doing on the office. He is an errand boy but all his work seems very upsetting to his boss. Another thing they have done on the movie is the idea of bringing the cat on the screen which is also a part of funny scene and trouble in the office. And the one person who will almost get troubled is his boss.

There are things going on in the office like a bird just poop over his boss or just water pouring over his boss head and this is because of the doing of Gascon Lagaffe. Another thing we can enjoy about him is the idea of inventing things whether it is for his personal reason or it is for the benefit of the office where he works. Even when making a coffee it seems that this guy is full of ideas, of course you should understand that if you touch his things without his consent you will get into trouble.

Those pipes which touch by his office mate and the result is chaotic. On the other hand this guy would love always to good things for his crush of his office mate got his attention. You can also see his invention on the office like a zipline on a chair, now one of his officemate rides on it and have a crash landing in the side. This man is like Peter Pan or is he supernatural , considering that he strikes those strings on the rooftop and while it is connected to a giant horn and it produces a vibration on the office and some people on that building are disturb and his boss felt it. This is beyond your norm kind of comedy movie, on the other hand there is also emotion which will be seen on this movie, so I guess you need to expect and prepare for that.

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