Creating SimCity Buildit Life Less Grinding

The first thing to remember as you begin your SIMCITY BUILDIT experience is that although there is no final goal to the game, there are certain conditions that make life a great deal easier. If your sim is woefully depressed and has no friends to speak of, trying to get him to do anything becomes a chore. Similarly, if you never get your sim to clean the house, appliances and plumbing fixtures tend to break down more often, and it’s possible to spend all day just repairing things. So let’s hit on a few things that will keep your sim in a pleasant mood, allowing you to pursue those dreams of falling in love, ruling the world or just sitting on your front porch and yelling at the neighbors.

SimCity Builditlike stuff. In fact Will Wright’s masterpiece seems to be a huge advertisement for Madison Avenue philosophy. The more stuff your SimCity Buildit have, the easier it is to keep them happy. Problems arise with budgeting however. Much like real life, you only have a set amount of money to start outfitting your home with, and you need to prioritize. Here’s a brief rundown of the most important items to have right off the bat:

  • Bathroom Fixtures: Buy a toilet, a sink and a simple shower. If you ever want your sim to socialize, then get a medicine chest/mirror too; it’s cheap.
  • Bed: Don’t scrimp on this one, the bed is one of the most important features in your sim’s life. The better the bed, the more energy it provides, and the less time your sim needs to spend in bed. Budget around the idea of getting at least the second to best bed (the sleigh bed) and upgrade as soon as possible.
  • A Comfy Chair: At some point, you’re probably going to want your sim to study something, and he’s going to sit down while he does it. A comfy chair keeps his comfort stat high while he’s getting work done and combined with a bookcase, can be a cheap form of fun.
  • Something Fun: This is going to depend on your sim’s personality. If you made your sim really outgoing, then a TV, even a really good one, won’t amuse him as much as a pinball machine or a pool table. If your sim’s playfulness is pretty low, a chess set and a good bookcase will do the trick. The art easel is especially nice for low key SimCity Buildit because they earn creativity points and fun at the same time.
  • Lights: This seems strange, but there are no internal lights in the house, and SimCity Buildit feel uncomfortable in the dark. Good windows are fine during the day, but you need to get some lamps for nighttime.
  • A Fridge: No fridge, and your SimCity Buildit are ordering pizza for every meal. That gets expensive fast.
  • A Stove or Microwave: Microwaves make crappy food but don’t set the house on fire. If you plan to teach your sim to cook, get a stove. Just don’t let him touch it until he has at least a point in cooking.
  • Counter Space: Without anywhere to cook, your sim will just eat a Meal in a Can all the time, which doesn’t do much to fill him up.
  • Garbage Cans: Without wastebaskets, your sim will walk all the way to the outside trash can every time he wants to throw anything away.
  • Bookcase: Any bookcase will do. Without it, your SimCity Buildit can’t learn to cook or fix things.

This is a pretty simple concept but an important one to keep in mind. Every time you tell your sim to do something, he starts to learn to do it on his own. This goes for sequences of events as well. Repeatedly tell your sim to take a dump, flush, then wash his hands, and eventually the sequence will be natural to him. Other good sequences are: Eat, clean up, go to the bathroom and the eternal: Take a shower, take a whiz, go to bed.

Although there are no weekends in The SimCity Buildit, you can just not go to work if you want. Do this two days in a row, and you’ll be fired, but you can safely miss every other day if need be. Taking a day off is a great way to get your sim’s head together. If you’re just sending your sim off to work every morning angry, hungry and dirty, his chances of promotion are zip, so a day off to max his levels is a great thing. Just remember that you don’t get paid for days off, so watch your budget.

Every three days, your bills will arrive in the mail. Grab them immediately and find out how much your sim owes. Watch your budget and resist the urge to go on a spending spree until you are sure you can pay your bills and buy food.

As soon as you can fit them in your budget, get a maid and a gardener. If you have one sim and a small place, you can do this at level two of your career with some frugal living. Having someone to water the plants and clean up will give your sim much more time in his life to do important things. Like make nachos in the microwave.

This is enough to get you started on a beautiful sim life, but it only covers the basics. Remember that not all SimCity Buildit like the same things. When you buy a new piece of furniture, have your sim look at it and get his opinion. When the SimCity Buildit are happy, they’re easier to deal with, and you’ll get them to fly to the moon or murder the entire neighborhood that much sooner.